Watch Dogs: the empty promise

If I’m feeling particularly cynical this morning – here, on the cusp of E3 2014 – it’s because I’m tired of feeling like a sucker. Remember the deafening, jaw-dropping roar of hype that accompanied the reveal of Watch Dogs when it was first… Read More ›

My PS Vita debacle

A TIMELINE OF EVENTS: I ordered my PS Vita through Amazon on Tuesday, March 25, along with a case and a 32GB memory card. My Vita and its case arrived on Thursday, March 27, but the memory card did not arrive until… Read More ›

the sound and the fury

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce that FEZ II has been cancelled and is no longer in development. We apologize for the disappointment — Polytron (@Polytron) July 27, 2013 Phil Fish finally snapped on Saturday, after an[other] epic… Read More ›


I wasn’t sure if I was going to comment on this #1reasonwhy thing.   Still not sure, frankly; I might very well not publish this post.  To be honest, I’m just not sure what to say about it.  This should… Read More ›