Hello, I’m Jeremy; I’m a musician, writer and gamer from NYC (and now living in suburban New Jersey).  This blog originally started as a personal soapbox for videogame-related thoughts, rants and ramblings, and it’s now branching out into occasional asides into books and music and other such things.

WordPress won’t accept embedded gamertags, but you can look me up on Xbox Live, PSN, or Steam as JervoNYC.  I can also be reached at jervonyc at gmail dot com, or on twitter as @couchshouts.

I’m also on Goodreads here, and this is my Spotify profile.  And if you’d like to listen to my music, my first album (“Untrue Songs”) is available on Bandcamp.  I’m currently working on a new album, which I’m hoping to release in Fall 2016.

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