on Arrival

My wife and I are home, sick, again, as we’ve been all week.  It’s been a shitty week. We just finished watching Arrival.  A few quick thoughts: 1. One of the problems of being parents who are afraid of hiring babysitters… Read More ›

here / not here

1. [cross-posting from my secret blog, but bear with me] So every once in a while I get overwhelmed by whatever it is that overwhelms me about people, and so I publicly announce that I’m taking a Facebook hiatus, and… Read More ›

Prep To Move

If all goes according to plan, we close on our house this coming Friday, and we move the following Saturday, August 1. I left for work this morning and as I walked down the street I started becoming hyper-aware of… Read More ›

Skip Tracer

I’ve been waiting 20 years to post this, even if I didn’t have internet access 20 years ago. … The guitar guy played real good feedback And super sounding riffs With his mild mannered look on, yeah he was truly… Read More ›