navel gazing

distracted and dismayed

Yes, it’s been a while.  No, I’m not dead. It is very hard to write about videogames while Donald Trump is still President.  Indeed, it is very hard to enjoy videogames while Donald Trump is President.  I sit in my basement… Read More ›

The End Of Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda Current Status:  credits have rolled.  Approximately 60 hours, approximately 80% game completion.  Level 53.  Still a few side quests to tool around with, as well as a narrative epilogue to wrap up. It’s interesting to me how,… Read More ›

The Friday Funk

When even Twitter being adorable can’t snap you out of a melancholy mood, you know you’re in trouble. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. — Jon Holmes (@jonholmes1) March 10, 2017 1. Here’s something positive – I’ve… Read More ›

checked out

So it’s been, what, 3 weeks since I started taking new head meds?  Something like that.  I have definitely noticed a change; the mood swings are almost totally gone, and if I feel blue every once in a while it’s… Read More ›

No Man’s Blues

I want to *escape* my loneliness, not be smothered by it. — Jeremy Voss (@CouchShouts) August 21, 2016 The new Deus Ex comes out this week and let me tell you, I don’t think I’ve looked forward to having something new… Read More ›

here / not here

1. [cross-posting from my secret blog, but bear with me] So every once in a while I get overwhelmed by whatever it is that overwhelms me about people, and so I publicly announce that I’m taking a Facebook hiatus, and… Read More ›

Where Is My Mind?

Again with the vanishing act, I know, I know… 1. Just a short while ago I’d mentioned that I was feeling pressure to complete my self-imposed Goodreads challenge.  I’d go through my backlog and purposely pick shorter books, and read them a… Read More ›