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  • the Friday brain-purge

    It’s been a weird month.  That week-long cold knocked my entire family on its ass, and even now I’m still finding it difficult to get back into my usual rhythms.  The day job has been busier, and my continuing lack of… Read More ›

  • on Arrival

    My wife and I are home, sick, again, as we’ve been all week.  It’s been a shitty week. We just finished watching Arrival.  A few quick thoughts: 1. One of the problems of being parents who are afraid of hiring babysitters… Read More ›

  • the twitter game meme

    There’s a Twitter meme thing going around that looks intriguing; I decided to answer it here, in long-form, because (a) there’s more room and (b) I don’t have enough of a Twitter presence to get very far otherwise.  But I’m… Read More ›

  • Weekend recap: alternative facts

    And so here we are, finally, the first Monday in Trump’s America.  We are expecting Nor’easter-ish conditions here in the NYC region, which seems fitting. I don’t necessarily want to turn this blog into a political soapbox, but these are strange… Read More ›

  • good luck

    Last night I tucked my son into bed – for the third or fourth time, I can’t remember, he kept getting up for one last drink of water – and I kissed him on the head and thought to myself,… Read More ›

  • darkness at the break of noon

    it’s alright ma (i’m only bleeding) Darkness at the break of noon Shadows even the silver spoon The handmade blade, the child’s balloon Eclipses both the sun and moon To understand you know too soon There is no sense in… Read More ›

  • gluttony

    1. Good news:  I may have figured out how to finish my album!  Let me rephrase that:  I may have figured out how to get myself properly motivated and energized so that I can finish this album.  Until I actually do get… Read More ›

  • the other side

    Let’s see how I did with my 2016 Resolutions and Reminders: 1. Do not pre-order.  I did pretty good at this, actually. 2. Don’t buy everything.  Remember that you have an active Gamefly account.  I started out doing really well at… Read More ›

  • The Year That Was: 2016

    Ugh. I just don’t have it in me, you guys.  It was all I could do to recover from George Michael, and then it was Carrie Fisher.  And these celebrity deaths, while temporarily distracting, still can’t thwart the nightmare that… Read More ›