>E308 presser gut reactions

>All I’ve seen of E3 are Kotaku’s liveblogs of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony’s press conferences; there’s been little time to actually see any video. That said, here’s my ranking:

1. Sony
2. Microsoft
3. Nintendo

I could have gone either way between 1 and 2, but it was a new and exciting feeling to have a rooting interest in Sony for once, and even in spite of losing FFXIII exclusivity to Microsoft they still had a solid showing, and – most importantly – they clearly get it now, they were aggressive and focused on the most important stuff – the software. Until I see the footage myself I can’t really comment on quality. I think Microsoft gets the edge in software to come out in 2008, but Sony’s future looks very, very bright.

That said, it’s not even close, as far as 3rd place is concerned – Nintendo’s presser today was depressing, almost completely devoid of exciting news ( GTA:DS notwithstanding) and, ultimately, it made me wonder why I tried so hard to acquire a Wii in the first place. It’s as if they’re not even trying anymore. They’re selling millions of consoles to people who don’t necessarily need a big new title every week – and that’s great, for those people – but I’m a hard core gamer, and they’ve done pretty much everything they can to alienate me and my demographic.

Now that the press conferences are done, we can get on to the real meat of the show. Here’s hoping I have enough time this week to pay attention.

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