>Someone pointed out to me that my current Gamerscore is a pretty nifty 33333. Hadn’t even noticed, to be honest – I’ve not really turned on my 360 recently.

Finished Uncharted – I liked it and look forward to a sequel where the enemies aren’t so (a) bulletproof and (b) plentiful.

Traded in GRiD – it just wasn’t doing anything for me, the way DiRT did. DiRT sucked me in from the moment I got started, whereas GRiD remained inaccessible and a little too unfocused. Also, the driving just wasn’t as much fun – it’s as if the game couldn’t tell whether it wanted to be Burnout, PGR or DiRT on asphalt. DiRT, on the other hand, had an incredibly clear focus and you immediately knew what you wanted to do. Also also – and this is inexplicable – the instant replays, which were arguably the best feature in DiRT, had no option for slo-mo!

Also traded in MLB08, but not because it’s a bad game – indeed, it’s probably the best baseball game I’ve ever seen. It’s just that, well, I totally suck at it. Even on the lowest difficulty, and with the pitch speed set to the minimum, I almost never made contact with the ball, and I never scored a single run.

Finally: some big news. There is supposedly a podcast in the works – I don’t know if it’ll be here, or somewhere else, but we’re trying to get our shit together and as soon as we get our technology in place we’re going to start pumping out a weekly show. If you have Skype, you are more than welcome to be a guest (once we figure out how to get you recorded).