Happy 15th Birthday, Dreamcast


Oh, Sega Dreamcast.  You were so great, and you could’ve been so much more.

You gave us Soul Calibur, one of the greatest 3D fighters ever made; you gave us Skies of Arcadia, my first JRPG and still one of the best games I’ve ever played; you gave us Shenmue, one of the most wildly over-ambitious messes of all time.  And you also gave us Seaman, which… yeah.

You introduced us to the NFL2K franchise, and coincidentally you gave me my first real reason to hate EA (because they refused to publish Madden in lieu of the PS2, which might as well have been the first domino to fall in your eventual demise).

You gave us the best version of Rayman 2, which remains my favorite 3D platformer and one of my top 10 favorite games.

You also started the unfortunate trend of shitty Sonic games, and you’re also why I can’t play Crazy Taxi anymore, such is my utter distaste for the Offspring.

You were my first console that I owned as an adult (even if it was technically a gift), and your DNA was more or less absorbed into the original Xbox, which was my second.  You were way ahead of your time, and we just weren’t ready for you.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

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