Poor Impulse Control: a continuing series

Longtime readers of this blog should know that there’s a “consumer whore” category here for a reason; newcomers can probably figure it out.  I bring this up because, in a moment of weakness (borne out of confusion, which I’ll get to in a second), I accidentally-on-purpose bought and downloaded Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes last night.

(The confusion:  remember, earlier this week, I’d mentioned that PSN was having this thing where if you spent $60, you got $10 in credit?  Well, I’d spent my $60, but didn’t know where the credit was, and so I put MGS:GZ in my cart to see if it would show up… and, well, it didn’t.)

I played MGS for around 10 minutes (or, roughly half the game – HAHA, LOL) and then called it a night.  Honestly, before I deliver any sort of impression, I need to mess around with the control scheme a bit – the default scheme feels incredibly strange and weird and bizarrely unintuitive, and I seem to recall hearing that there’s a different setting that’s more in tune with what the vast majority of 3rd person action games use; if that’s the case, then I’ll get around to checking it out.  And the thing is, even though I’ve sworn up and down that Metal Gear is the most overrated franchise in the history of any and all media, there’s a part of me that’s genuinely curious to check this one out.  Everyone’s complained about the alleged length of the campaign, but there’s supposedly a ton of replay value – alternate side missions and objectives and self-imposed playstyles and such, and most reviewers say that they’ve clocked in at least an extra dozen hours or so after beating the main campaign.  So that’s OK, as far as I’m concerned.

I also was able to download and install Infamous Second Son this morning before leaving for work, although I didn’t get a chance to play anything beyond the very first cutscene.  As this is the first true “next-gen” game that I’ve actually been excited about, I’m hoping to give it a thorough examination over the weekend.

The wife and I will be running errands this weekend and while we’re out I’m also possibly going to pick up this PS4 Gold Wireless Stereo Headset, since I like my surround sound but don’t actually have a surround sound system.  I am also very tempted to check out a Vita.  Yes, I’ve seen that a few brick-and-mortar stores are selling the Xbox One – including the Titanfall bundle – for $450, but I’m still not needing an XBO just yet, and Titanfall isn’t going to be the game to change my mind.  But the Vita is looking more and more like a thing I’m going to need.  Being able to play those new Oddworld remasters on the go feels very necessary; and I’ve got a bunch of PS1 games on my PS3 that I would like to actually play, too.  (Plus – my PS3 is not in an ideal gaming environment at the moment, and I’m really hoping to check out those FFX HD remasters.)  So, please, whatever you do – don’t tell my wife.

Author: Jeremy Voss

Musician, wanna-be writer, suburban husband and father. I'll occasionally tweet from @couchshouts. You can find me on XBL, PSN and Steam as JervoNYC.

5 thoughts on “Poor Impulse Control: a continuing series”

  1. I picked up the Gold Wireless headphones on a whim (kinda like you, I felt the need to buy…something. And like you, I don’t have surround sound). I played Need For Speed Rivals and Towerfall on the PS4, and tried them out on the Vita with Luftrausers and Persona 4 Golden.

    I didn’t really feel surround sound but I may need to change a setting on the PS4 (default setting on headset is supposed to be “on”). That said, the noise cancelation was pretty good and the overall sound quality was great. Some people complained about lack of bass, I haven’t noticed anything weak yet. Both Luftrausers and P4G benefitted from wearing these headphones as oftentimes I play with the system speakers. Using the headphones they felt more like console experiences and I was more aware of the soundtracks (particularly Persona’s, so good).

    Haven’t tested the mic capabilities so can’t comment yet. But honestly, unlike 360 I don’t find myself seeking out others to party chat with…

    1. I just picked up the headphones this afternoon, partly based on your recommendation. Looking forward to checking them out later this evening.

        1. I’m not necessarily as blown away by the sound as the Turtle Beach ones I have for my 360, but they’re still really good. The most important thing is that they provide excellent sound without keeping the baby (and/or the wife) up at night. Have yet to try the chat functionality, though.

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