>Prince of Douche

>I got my hands on the new Prince of Persia today, and I played for about an hour or so. I love the new art direction.


The animations are beautiful, but the control doesn’t feel quite right. But I can get used to that, I guess, after a few more hours.


What the fuck is with this guy being a huge fucking douchebag? What the hell is with the writing in games these days?

The thing that made the Sands of Time game so great was its sense of time and place. The thing that makes this game so difficult to deal with is that it might as well be taking place right this very minute, and people today are fucking douchebags. There’s no poetry or artful grace in this game; the Prince is a shmoe and Elika is, as all videogame females are, a mystery.

I mean, fuck – even the great Hot Chicks With Douchebags has figured it out.


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