Here’s to Shutting Up

I’m back in the world, more or less, after 4-5 days away from everything.  And I have to admit that it was kinda wonderful to be away from the internet; to just focus on being with my family, and enjoying the outdoors, and watching my son explore the world around him.

And now I’m back, and I’m getting caught up on what I missed in the eternity that is 4-5 days of internet time, and I’m feeling kinda gross, to be honest.  I wanted to write a bit more about Shadow of Mordor, but all I can think about is “Trouble At the Koolaid Point“, which makes writing impressions of videogames feel awfully trite.

Seriously:  read that link.  It’s the latest of many similar stories that I’ve been collecting this year, and it’s still just as devastating as the rest.

So rather than blathering about a game that I haven’t even finished (but which has significant problems that make me question whether I should even bother), I’m just going to shut up for a while, and figure out how to write about the thing I love in a way that actually matters.

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