How The Mighty Have Fallen

so: the new Microsoft promotion for next week is that if you buy an Xbox One, you get one free game – ANY game – to go along with it.
i’m hard-pressed to know what game I’d even want, given that i still don’t give a shit about Titanfall, and that every other game that’s out I’ve already played on PS4.
*maybe* Forza5, or Dead Rising 3.

they are aggressively trying to play catchup, which makes sense even if it costs them a ton of money. if they can’t get a good install base early, it’ll be awfully tempting for some devs to forego publishing on XBO altogether, i would think.
Jervo: well, they did buy exclusivity for Tomb Raider 2
Jervo: and i’m sure they’ll continue to be aggressive with that
can you get a pre-order with this promotion?
ie could you reserve TR2?
no preorders

existing games only

I’d reserve Horizon 2, if that were the case
even Peggle 2 is coming to PS4 pretty soon

wikipedia says crackdown 3 is going to be
XBO exclusive? i don’t think i knew that?

i would consider that a “wait for the reviews” game,
but if it’s a return to form you can’t sit that out.
it was always an Xbox franchise; makes sense it would stay that way. problem is, Crackdown 1 was brilliant but Crackdown 2 was a fucking disaster

Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 are the only 2 real big games that look appealing to me on the XBO, and neither one of them are available in this promotion.

you’ve got an XBO, are you using it at all?
i haven’t played a game on my xbone in a long time.

 i’m sure i’ll play a ton of horizon and probably
sunset overdrive, but ps4 remains my primary
game console by a large margin

(shakes head)
man, how the mighty have fallen.

Author: Jeremy Voss

Musician, wanna-be writer, suburban husband and father. I'll occasionally tweet from @couchshouts. You can find me on XBL, PSN and Steam as JervoNYC.

10 thoughts on “How The Mighty Have Fallen”

  1. Jervo,

    Why do you post so much about a console you obviously have no interest in? Oh…the clicks…yea I accidentally opened this twice so there’s two for ya.

    I can say the same thing about the PS4 since I own a XBO. There’s not a game they can pack in free that would make me put down $400. But that’s because I already have a new console and right now there’s not that many different games. Lets face it nothing stands out on either console. It seems silly to me to complain about a sale that’s giving away a free game tho. I get it, it’s your site so say what you want. I usually don’t read your posts but it was at the top of my google+ feed and I was actually going to the game discussion board to post this deal cause I think it’s good.

    It starts Sept 7th so you can get Destiny for free. Which actually makes it cheaper than the Destiny PS4 bundle. PLUS it works with any existing bundles out there. So if you can find a Forza bundle you actually get 2 games.

    Just cause something doesn’t make sense for you doesn’t mean that it won’t for someone else. We’ve said it for years on all the boards we’ve posted on together, competition is good for the gamers and this is a result. Free games cause they are getting beat. I don’t see anything wrong with this.

    1. Well, firstly, thanks for not reading my posts, I guess.

      Secondly, I already pre-ordered Destiny on the PS4.

      Thirdly, if this site was EVER about getting clicks, there’d be a hell of a lot more obvious clickbait going up every hour. As it happens, this was a verbatim conversation I had with a buddy this morning about a newsworthy topic that had just been announced.

      I don’t think I write about the XBO nearly as much as you think I do, but to the extent I write about it at all it’s mostly because I loved the 360 and would like to stay involved with the Microsoft gaming ecosystem, and it bothers me, for some reason, that I’ve yet to find a compelling reason to buy one. I bought a PS3 last time around mostly for the BluRay player; it wasn’t until late in its life that it started getting really, really good exclusive games.

      Also: I’m not complaining about the free game – I’m complaining that even with that free, desperate offer, there’s nothing appealing for me.

      Finally, I’m surprised to hear you say there’s no PS4 games that you’re not interested in. Infamous? The Last of Us? Any of the free games you get with a PS+ account?

  2. I understand you have Destiny preordered on your PS4, I understand that there’s nothing appealing on the console for you. But maybe it’s not always about you. This deal isn’t meant for us, it’s meant for the people that have been waiting for a reason to buy a new console (Destiny) and now they can get it $50 on the XBO with the possibility of another free game if you find the right bundle.

    There’s some great games on the PS4 no doubt, I never said otherwise and I’m sure I’ll eventually own one. I got infamous 1 free when PSN took a crap a few years ago and I played a few hours. it didn’t grab me. I’ve heard good things about the new one but it’s not a system seller for me. I played and loved Last of Us on PS3 and it was maybe my favorite game of last gen. Beyond that there’s nothing that I can’t get on XBO or PC that would be worth the $400 buy in. Much like your situation with the XBO I just don’t see enough of a difference between the two to own both. The difference is that I wouldn’t make a post about a free game deal on the PS and complain about it. I’d say it’s a good freaking deal and share it with my friends that might be looking for a reason to get one.

    Free games are good.

    1. Not everything is about me, obviously. But this is my blog, and these are my opinions. I never claimed to speak for anyone besides myself. I’m sorry that my opinion isn’t what you wanted to read today.

      You chose the XBO, I chose the PS4, and it looks like we’re sticking with our choices for the time being. But I’d like to reiterate that the whole point of this post – and of any time I write about the XBO – is that I, as a very loyal Xbox and Xbox 360 owner, am utterly bewildered by the XBO, and it kinda makes me sad that it’s so unappealing, even with these desperate measures like free games and such. I don’t read that as a complaint; I read that as a cause for concern.

      If Microsoft wants me to consider buying an XBO, one free game isn’t the answer; it’s a wider diversity of exclusive first-party games (i.e., games that aren’t necessarily bought outright, as with Tomb Raider 2). That’s what ultimately brought me to the PS3 (with Uncharted 2/3, Last of Us, Journey, etc.), and it’s why I’m happy with the PS4, and it’s why 2015 looks especially bright as a PS4 owner.

      Free games are good, sure! PS+ gives me plenty of them every month.

    1. Never said I was casting them off. I’d still like to buy one – but only when there’s a compelling reason to, much like I did for the PS3. Frankly, if Sunset Overdrive gets good reviews, I’ll probably pick up one of the SO bundles. Which means I’ll own one before the end of the year.

      The whole point of this post – and I guess it simply didn’t appear obvious to anyone but me, and I’m sorry about that – is that this new Microsoft offer of a free game as a pack-in for a new XBO has no current appeal for me (a long-time Microsoft fanboy) because there’s almost nothing in the existing XBO library that I’d want to spend $400 to play. When that day comes, believe me, I’ll be howling at the top of my lungs and I’ll be back to earning Achievements like I was for the last 8/9 years.

  3. First off, comments like “I’m sorry that my opinion isn’t what you wanted to read today.” is part of the reason I stopped reading your blog.

    I didn’t mean for this to turn into a PS4 vs XBO debate. I really didn’t and I realize it was me that started it when I compared the two. I was just trying to show that a deal like this isn’t meant for someone that already owns a new console.

    It’s interesting that you call a deal like this a move of desperation, and then tout PS+ for it’s free games. PS+ exists because it was getting pounded by Xbox Live. Like I said, competition is good. PS+ is one of the best things in gaming right now.

    Sunset Overdrive looks fantastic. I can’t wait for it.

  4. Well, I don’t agree with a lot of your views on the Xbox, but that doesn’t give me the excuse to come out swinging and basically call you a click bait whore. I know you’re not like that and we probably could have had a good conversation about this had I not started this whole conversation with that. Sorry.

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