>My expectations for this year’s E3 are muted, I guess. I am underwhelmed by Kinect, at least in terms of the name; but I don’t think it was intended for me. (I already have a Wii, and I only play it while seated, if I play it at all. More on that later.) The big reveal I’m looking forward to is the new 3D DS -which, I might add, is also the only 3D-related gaming thing that I care about. I imagine that most of the big surprises this year will be the 3D-ing of big titles – I’ve already heard about Crysis 2, and it wouldn’t surprise me AT ALL if Gears of War 3D was announced.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, I am 27 stars into Super Mario Galaxy 2. Rather than gushing about how inventive and unique the level designs are, let me offer up my biggest pet peeves:

1. Took me a while to figure this out, and it sucks: it doesn’t matter how many lives and 1-UPs you may have stockpiled; if you save your game and quit, you’re back to 5 the next time you start up. Which is LAME.

2. There have been more than a few times where the controls – which are generally spot-on – get totally wonky and cause a death. There’s one Wacky Comet galaxy in particular where I literally could not figure out which way I was supposed to move the controller, which was compounded by the fact that no matter which way I moved, Mario remained still.

There, I said it. SMG2 is not perfect. Deal with it.

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