>GTA4: stats recap

>Tomorrow, May 5, will mark the first day I’ve had to go to work since GTA4 was released; I thought I’d put up a brief selection of GTA4-related stats before I turn in for the night. I’ll do a fuller recap tomorrow.

  • 51.07% game completion
  • 26 hours, 14 minutes, 17 seconds
  • 51 days (in game)
  • 67 missions passed
  • 6 deaths
  • 410 people killed
  • $430,812 on hand (the vast majority of which came from the Three Leaf Clover mission)
  • Favorite radio station: Liberty Rock (I’m guessing this is tabulated by in-car airtime; in terms of the actual music, my favorite stations are Fusion and IF99; for what it’s worth, I didn’t bother checking to see what the game says my least favorite station is, as I know it’s the hardcore station)
  • 9 pigeons
  • 3 jumps
  • 11 Achievements, worth 95 points
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