My Work With John

It’s strange to think that there are no photographs of John and I together, though it occurs to me that most of our collaborations in recent years was through email; constant back and forth, with me submitting sketches and him… Read More ›

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  • Please Help.

    A caring, attentive friend; a doting husband and adoring father to three beautiful children; an immensely talented filmmaker (who, I now realize, directed almost half of the short films on my reel)… these are but a few of the many ways to describe the… Read More ›

  • Weekend Recap: A Farewell to Bad News

    THE SHORT VERSION:  I had almost no time to really do anything productive this weekend, and yet: Played five minutes of Bloodborne, hated it, am never playing another ‘Souls game ever again. Finished Greg Sestero’s The Disaster Artist; kinda makes me want… Read More ›

  • The Thousand Autumns

    I finished David Mitchell’s The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet this morning.  I’m still sort of swimming in feelings after that ending – my god, that ending – but I’m too impatient to wait until the coffee kicks in to… Read More ›

  • Weekend Recap: Noodling Around

    press x for ethics in game journalism

    MUSIC:  If we’re judging the new album’s progress solely by how much I’m uploading to my Google Drive folder every week, then obviously I’ve slowed down rather considerably since February.  But I’m still working / thinking / contemplating / scribbling down… Read More ›

  • Weekend Recap: Order out of Chaos

    The Game:  The Order: 1886 Current Status:  3-4 hours in, halfway through Chapter 9 (out of 16) The conventional wisdom on The Order: 1886, as far as I can tell, is the following: for a $60 game, it’s far too… Read More ›

  • Invisible Ink

    I’m in something of a holding pattern right now with respect to the new album; well, maybe “holding pattern” isn’t the correct phrase.  What’s the best way to say “I’m starting to work on lyrics and I’m incredibly intimidated because… Read More ›

  • New Album Progress Report

    MUSIC:  So:  I’ve been busy.  The attached .jpg represents almost everything I’ve uploaded for my beta listeners since I started this recording project in late-January; there’s still a few more sketches on my hard drive that I haven’t uploaded yet, mostly because… Read More ›

  • Keeping The Past Alive

    Farewell 1

    In today’s edition of Three Things, I’m going to get the easy stuff out of the way first. GAMES:  Finished the GTA V campaign (again).  Now I remember the finale’s “choice” that I mentioned I’d forgotten in last week’s entry;… Read More ›

  • Where You Been

    Has it really been over a week since my last post?  I’ve said repeatedly that I’m tired of apologizing for a lack of updates, but usually that’s just for a brief 2-3 day hiatus, not a week-long vanishing act. There… Read More ›


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